Are you delusional? Here is a question worth asking…..

We all are at one point or another and some, more than other. Now, Marketing Entrepreneur can be the most delusional of all!  Indeed, some of them are very good at lying to themselves, they most do so in order to be convincing…. when facing absence of goods.
I am not talking about everyone in marketing here but, nevertheless, in some cases, some marketing automation operation use a MVP approach (Minimum Viable Product)  to nail sales and create for the investors, a  smokescreen for the next round.  This is just too bad!  You see, sometimes, in order to try to be the next big thing, some may choose to lie to, both customers and investors.  You gathered here that I am not talking about small white lies used in order to look good or simply look better.  No, I am talking about detrimental facts; the kinds of facts that would be a sure NO GO for investors or customers, if they knew about them.
Since knowledge is power, here is something that you should keep in mind in your business endeavors: Using a concierge MVP approach makes it easy to run things behind the scenes, while claiming agility, velocity and connectivity to customers and VC’s, and that just to verified the rational of the offering when the value of it, don’t worth the investment of developing it.
To make sure you are not falling in this trap, keep in mind to look at their product with a 360 view; do not hesitate to challenge them. A good way to do so is to walk them out of their demo choreography.  Anyone can drop a bunch of logos into a great looking modern application shell, but not all of them deliver when ask to walk their talk. Get away from the buzz words fest you may get serve: agility is not something to be said but something to be proven, right then and there – on the spot!   It is always better to be safe than to be sorry,  so, beware of some of the 3 or 4 weeks pilot programs that may be proposed to you, they could hide a hard reality.  The kind of reality where you pay them to learn and you pay, again, to use what they learn

In-Stream Big Data Processing

If you want to scale in real-Time marketing, stop using a transactional stack for behavioral data!

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The shortcomings and drawbacks of batch-oriented data processing were widely recognized by the Big Data community quite a long time ago. It became clear that real-time query processing and in-stream processing is the immediate need in many practical applications. In recent years, this idea got a lot of traction and a whole bunch of solutions like Twitter’s Storm, Yahoo’s S4, Cloudera’s Impala, Apache Spark, and Apache Tez appeared and joined the army of Big Data and NoSQL systems. This article is an effort to explore techniques used by developers of in-stream data processing systems, trace the connections of these techniques to massive batch processing and OLTP/OLAP databases, and discuss how one unified query engine can support in-stream, batch, and OLAP processing at the same time.

At Grid Dynamics, we recently faced a necessity to build an in-stream data processing system that aimed to crunch about 8 billion events daily providing…

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