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Kansei Engineering (Japanese: 感性工学 kansei kougaku, sense engineering) is a method for translating feelings and impressions into product parameters, invented in the 1970s by Professor Mitsuo Nagamachi (Dean of Hiroshima International University). Kansei Engineering can “measure” the feelings and shows the relationship to certain product properties. In consequence, products can be designed to bring forward the intended feeling.

It has now been adopted as one of the topics for professional development by the Royal Statistical Society.

Kansei engineering was used for the first time in America by the Mazda Motor Company. The Kansei engineering began with sensory or sensitivity engineering at the starting point. However, current Kansei engineering is the trans-disciplinary engineering that extends over the humanities, social science and natural science. Kansei engineering has a purpose, a structure and a function. Namely, the purpose is realization of rich society, the structure is a…

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