Who is CaptainVO?

About me!

I am Chief Technologist & CEO at Virtual Object, my passion is technology, but most, is how humans use it, how their lives and behaviors change by it. I found that the ever-increasing velocity of advancements on the technology timeline is truly addictive. In the last 35 years I came across a lot of people’s, some that could not cope with that frenzy and other, like me, got the need for it, the need for speed!

Most Peoples claim their self has savvy when they describe their relations with technology, this sound to comfy cozy for me. I am technology edgy, the zone where things going so fast that only the humbles can live in so much well-known incompetency’s, and the savviness of domains is the cornerstone of innovations to come. I am technology agile, not the kind of agility drop on a marketer presentation deck, here, I talk the agility of courage, courage to change course rapidly if you’re wrong, courage to drop shields and travel lite and fast toward an achievement. For me, agility is not a goal nor is it a methodology, is a way of being, a nature, and  be achieved only by people’s that put their ego in the footer. I am technology philanthropy, not the one that calculate only the short-term ROI before trading knowledge (probably richer, if I did! But certainly less happy!), but the one that leverage is community expertise assets. This is me in a nutshell!

About my writing!

If you’re reading me, you must know, that, English is not my born language. I strongly believe in continuous improvement approach as the only way for me to get closer to my readers community, helping me in my journey to master William Shakespeare language, is more than welcome! The choice of not putting any filters between me and you, is a choice of being who I am, instead of spinning who I am not!

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